The most important thing…

I learnt in Kindergarten was…

…that numbers begin from 1

…when I thought and thought but could never get the past tense of think until I finally learnt it was thunk

…that finger-chips and tea go very well together

… that people like you more if you’re happy all the time

…how difficult dzongkha was

… that you can fart and get away with it by playing ‘inky minky ponky’ and blaming the person where the ‘ky’ falls 😛

…I should have started reading earlier in life

… that unattended bottles of water just go missing

…how to make little boys cry

Thank you to our customers for playing along.


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A living dream... this blanket of books... ~ bookstore owner

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Closed on Mondays but open every other day,
from 10:30a to 8:30p

Lunch break: 1:00p to 2:00p

Tel: 326475
Facebook: Junction Bookstore


Every Thursday at 6:00p, a group of us meet to discuss books/short stories/articles/poetry together with a beverage of choice.


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