Of books and um… books

… and also a teeny bit on photography.

Lazing around the store a few days ago, we had an interesting visitor – Markus Wild, a photographer and teacher for visual arts, photography and new media. Without hesitation and with a warm smile he agreed to take the time to answer few of our book’ish questions.

On my nightstand now: Wade Davis, Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World, Anansi Press, 2009; We Are One, A Celebration of Tribal Peoples, Survival International, 2009; His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Journey for Peace, photographed by Manuel Bauer, 2005; Danielle & Olivier Foellmi, Buddhist Offerings 365 Days, photographs and texts, Thames & Hudson, 2003; Photo Box, Bringing the Great Photographers into Focus, Thames & Hudson, 2009; A.K. Hellum, A Painter’s Year in the Forests of Bhutan, 2001; Karma Ura, The Hero with a Thousand Eyes, 1995

Favorite Book when I was a child: Grimm’s Fairy Tales

My top 5 authors: Dalai Lama, Bob Dylan (for the lyrics in his songs), Different photographers (for their photos), Paul Celan (and other lyricists), Many more..

Book I am an evangelist for: Dalai Lama; Ethics for the new millennium and Wade Davis: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World

Book I’ve faked reading: I don’t do that 🙂

Book I bought for the cover: Béatrice Fontanel, Claire d’Harcourt: Bébés du monde / Babys in den Kulturen der Welt

Book that changed my life: Many good books -like many touching encounters- have been helping me to change me and my life constantly.

Favorite line from a book: “Be what your are, give what you have” (from a poem by Rose Auslaender)

Book I most want to read again for the first time: None (I try to accept the passing of time, so I don’t want to go back)

As a photographer what do you think is more important: good knlowledge/good equipment?: Good knowledge is MUCH MORE important than good equipment, with good knowledge/experience/attitude and talent you will be able to take good photos with any camera.

Markus is currently working for Helvetas Bhutan in a Project on “Preserving and Leveraging Bhutan’s Unique Cultural Diversity”, realising a participatory photo project in four remote communities in Bhutan. This Wednesday will be the last day of the exhibition titled, ‘Life in Ngangla through the Children’s Eyes‘, of which Markus has shared his knowledge of digital photography with the children.


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