Of Fibre and Friendship:

Book Reading: The Story Blanket

What better way to wave goodbye to the cold yet beautiful winter months, welcome spring, and look forward to the warm summer months – we invite you (anyone between the ages of 5-10) to share with us the warmth of Babba Zarrah’s pretty patch blanket, and learn from her and the villagers lessons on friendship and generosity.



Babba Zarrah knows that every question has an answer. When the villagers run out of yarn, she knows just what to do. Find her answer in The Story Blanket.

The Story Blanket is written by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz and illustrated by Elena Odrizola. It is the winner of the Storytelling World Resource Awards (stories for young listener) 2010, and the Parents Choice Silver Award Book. It has been translated into Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Reading aloud is: Mrs. Ninzy Wangmo Rinchhen

She is qualified because: she’s “AWESOME” (well at least that’s what she says!)

Date: 26 March, 2011. It’s a Saturday!

Time: 3:00 p.m. onwards

Location: Junction Bookstore Lounge (well that’s what I call it)

For further information: junction.bookstore@gmail.com, 326472/17755001

Activities planned: Updated soon.

Thanks 🙂




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Closed on Mondays but open every other day,
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Every Thursday at 6:00p, a group of us meet to discuss books/short stories/articles/poetry together with a beverage of choice.


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