Words for word…

A chap walks in… he is not from this town or country for that matter, trust me I just know it.

Ok maybe its this huge bag he’s carrying or actually forget the bag, just the… “OH… AH… HaalllO!” his accent is very different.

He goes towards the dictionary section, smiling at me while he points at them saying, “Hm… I am looking for… word that give me words…” this isn’t very helpful, but I try…

Well since he was already pointing at the dictionary section I assumed that was exactly what he was looking for. I smile not knowing what to say… “Um… you mean a book that gives you meanings of words?”

He’s smiling but he looks completely confused… “Ah… word it have many word and mean…”


“Ah… yes, I think.”

I show him a thesaurus and explain what’s in it.

He finally decides that he would prefer the dictionary, but still looked quite confused after buying a pocket sized dictionary (although he kept smiling the entire time).

“Ah… thank-you…”


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One response to “Words for word…

  1. Lhari

    seriously haahhahhaha LMAO

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