Lazing around talking to you…

This morning is like every other morning, sunny and nice…

A nice lady is leisurely walking around the store. She’s got a pleasant face.

Approaching the counter she says, “What a nice place you have, hidden here…”

I look at the book she’s carrying.

“I’ve got to buy something; it’s my first visit to the store.”

“You really don’t have to, unless you want to,” I add with a smile (hoping she sees it as a kindly smile and not a bemused one).

“Hm… it’s alright I’ll take this one, and I’ll bring my children next time. Anyway how is the store doing?”

Before I can answer, she says with a concerned face, “Ok… right!”

I say yes. KINDLY smile.

She’s sympathetic, “We don’t have many readers here as far as I understand…”

I say it’s alright and that we actually have quite a good number of keen readers. KINDLY smile.

She looks surprised… but sympathetic nonetheless with an expression that said ‘you really don’t have a clue, do you?’

“Goodbye then, I’ll drop by soon.”

“Goodbye and thank-you.” BIG KINDLY smile.


About Junction Bookstore

A living dream... this blanket of books... ~ bookstore owner

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Closed on Mondays but open every other day,
from 10:30a to 8:30p

Lunch break: 1:00p to 2:00p

Tel: 326475
Facebook: Junction Bookstore


Every Thursday at 6:00p, a group of us meet to discuss books/short stories/articles/poetry together with a beverage of choice.


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